Customized Pricing

No two businesses are alike. The risk factors to each business and industry are unique. Given that each industry and each client has its unique risk profile, we provide customized industry specific pricing. What drives the rate includes factors such as the industry dynamics, the sale process, the time gap from sale to delivery, any free trial period, any guarantees or warranties, return rates, the terms of sale contract etc.

By underwriting each client separately through our in-house underwriting process, we are able to provide you the most accurate pricing that is appropriate for your industry and business profile. This allows you to feel assured that the pricing is not driven solely by the industry you are in but also by how you operate your business.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in providing a transparent pricing structures. Several of our competitors try to create pricing that is hard to understand or disguise fees into headers that sound like regulatory surcharges. Some also have charges that sound like a reserve but actually are non-refundable fees.

Our objective has been to genuinely serve our clients and facilitate their smooth operations by providing easy to understand fee structure. Our pricing includes a flat percentage and a monthly management fee. Additionally, there is one feature that is pay per use. We do not have a minimum $ fee per transaction or several other industry standard charges such as statement fee, retrieval fee or return fee.

Give your customers the flexibility they deserve

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